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    High quality pit bike action available for all customers, regardless of age or experience

    At Mildenhall MX Ltd, we want all of our customers to enjoy the fun that’s open to them at a day of motocross racing. We cater for all ages and all levels of experience here at the centre, whether they’ve been riding for years or trying out motocross racing for the first time.

    We should stress that we do not hire pit or dirt bikes.

    If you’re a seasoned racer and you have your own dirt bike, then feel free to bring it along. We’re sure that you’ll find our two custom race tracks enough to offer you a challenge no matter how long you’ve been involved in the sport.

    high quality pit bike available
    our expert on pit bike

    Pairing people to their pit bikes

    At Mildenhall MX Ltd, we have years of experience in the world of motocross. If you’ve ridden your pit bike a few times before, then you might already have an idea of the size and power of your pit bike, or if it’s your first time on your pit bike, or if you’re unsure, you can rely on the knowledge and expertise of our on-site staff to help you.

    Pit bike or dirt bike?

    You’ll sometimes see pit bikes referred to as junior dirt bikes. While there may be a little truth in this (pit bikes, in general, are where younger riders and beginners start off) it’s really a matter of semantics. Traditionally, pit bikes were built with smaller engines and wheels than many dirt bikes and used exclusively in pit areas and custom-built race tracks such as the two you will find at Mildenhall MX Ltd. They weren’t really intended for off road use and were popular training bikes.

    These days, those distinctions are blurred at best. Pit bikes are used as much off road as they are on the tracks, though their heavier cousins, the dirt bikes, are still favoured over really rough terrain. Pit bikes are great for dirt tracks and easier to control, which is why we use them for our courses. They are easily handled by young kids and new riders on our motocross practice track, but are solid enough to take the more rigorous use by a seasoned rider.

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    A range of pit bikes for every rider

    There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pit bike. At Mildenhall we have riders as young as six years old using
    pit bikes. Wheels vary from 10 inches to 17 inches and, likewise, the engine sizes run the gamut from 50cc to 200cc.

    As we have mentioned we do not hire pit bikes but all makes, models, ages and experience of riders and their pit bike/dirt bike are welcome.

    offers safe bike riding with helmets

    Safety first

    At Mildenhall MX Ltd, the safety of our customers is our number one priority. All pit bikes have lightweight frames that not only allow for greater manoeuvrability on the tracks, but also makes them a safer ride in the event of a fall or spill. We also have dedicated staff on-site – including experienced marshals who are all trained in first aid, emergency resuscitation, and the treatment of trauma with emphasis on motor sport injuries. We also have a fully-trained paramedic and medics on-site, giving you peace of mind to know that you are in safe hands.

    Get in touch

    For all the fun of pit bike racing, come down to Bury St Edmunds and experience the greatest racing attraction the area has to offer. For more information about our pit bikes, or for any other queries about the centre, give Mildenhall MX Ltd a call today on : 01638 718667 (track opening times) 07815 826133.