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    1 on 1 and group motocross training with veteran trainer Chris Bastick

    As well as our weekly events at our Bury St Edmonds racecourse, we are also pleased to offer extensive (and intensive!) training courses to our customers from all over the country.

    Headed by veteran motocross pro, Chris Bastick, Train 2 Gain is one of Suffolk’s most respected and effective MX training courses, welcoming trainees from as far afield as Mildenhall, Bury St Edmonds, Colchester, Ipswich, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Cambridge, and beyond. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a more experienced rider looking for pointers and guidance from an established professional, you will certainly benefit from Chris’s expertise in the sport.

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    What can I expect from Train 2 Gain?

    With years of experience on the global motocross circuit, when not racing himself, Chris Bastick is dedicated to training up the next generation of MX racers. These are a few of the highlights of a typical training day:

    Introductions and objectives

    When you first meet up with Chris, you’ll spend a short time getting to know one another. This will involve giving him some idea of your current skill level, and what you’re looking to achieve from the day’s session.

    Understanding the track

    From here you’ll walk around the motocross practice track with Chris, who will provide you with a detailed description of the circuit, along with technical explanations of key areas of the track and how they will affect the bike.

    Practice makes perfect

    Following the theory part of the course, you will move onto the motocross practice track itself, with extra attention being given to those areas you wish to improve upon. You will be able to concentrate on specific sections of the course, with plenty of time given to perfect the skills you need to handle the nuances of each part of the track. Chris will be with you, offering guidance and advice from his years of experience to help you improve your technique and conquer each section in turn.

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    The personal touch

    Now that you’re ready to put it all together, Chris’ preferred training method is to join you for a full circuit of the motocross practice track, riding in front so you can shadow him and see how he changes his ride to meet the ever shifting conditions of the track itself. From this you will learns about picking a line and positioning yourself to best advantage on the course.

    Up in front

    The next step is for you and Chris to change position, allowing him to shadow you and determine your own style of riding. This unique training method is a major improvement on trackside coaches who can easily miss subtle changes in position and posture as you make your way around the motocross practice track. In this way, Chris is able to provide you with accurate feedback to improve your technique, giving you the opportunity to ride a smoother and faster lap the next time around.

    riding on the laps of circuit

    The big one

    Once both your and Chris are happy with your progression it’s time to tackle the motocross practice track solo. Chris will still be your coaching partner but will be doing so from the side of the track, while you have the whole circuit to yourself.

    Other benefits of Train 2 Gain

    A day’s training with Chris involves more than just section coaching and laps of the circuit, although these are certainly key elements. Here are some more of the benefits you’ll receive from your day at Train 2 Gain:

    Setup advice

    With years of racing experience under his belt, Chris is in the best position to provide you with advice regarding your bike’s set up, ensuring that it’s adjusted to meet your needs as a rider, and to provide you with the best racing experience.

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    Comprehensive feedback

    While you will receive feedback throughout the day, at the end of the session Chris will give you a full breakdown of your performance: what you did well, which areas you have improved upon, and which require more attention the next time.

    Get in Touch

    For motocross training and try out / bike hire enquiries email Chris Bastick:- chrisbastick34@live.co.uk or call 07595 996802

    Click here to visit our Train 2 Gain Facebook site.